BlogCrafted — Blog Migration, Blog Setup, Blog Consulting and More

Tired of doing back-end work on your blog when you’d rather be writing? Got some great ideas for a blog but don’t know how to get it set up? Need your blog migration to go smoothly?

Sounds like you need a blog consultant.

What is a blog consultant? Well, it can be whatever we want it to be. Some people just need help getting started, in which case I offer a blog setup package for beginners or those transferring their blogs to self-hosted Wordpress. Others need their theme customized. Others would like routine maintenance so they don’t have to worry about Wordpress and theme upgrades.

The list below includes the various services I offer as a blog consultant. Because each blogger’s needs are different, I haven’t priced these services individually. Instead, we’ll discuss your unique situation and what you’ll need done. If a service you’re interested in is not listed below, then ask me about it.

My blog-related services include:

  • Blog management: More interested in creating content than in doing backend blogging work? I offer ongoing blog management services to handle your needs as they arise and deal with routine maintenance.
  • Wordpress blog setup: Starting out for the first time? I’ll get your site up and running with a pack of useful plugins and some theme assistance. More details on the blog setup page.
  • Blog migration: Moving your blog to a self-hosted Wordpress site? Moving a self-hosted Wordpress blog to a new host? It can be tricky, click here to find how I can smooth that out for you.
  • Feed setup: Need a Feedburner account set up or modified? Confused by the Feedsmith plugin? Moving to another site and unsure of how to switch over your feed source (so your subscribers get the posts from your new blog)? Offered as part of my blog migration or setup, this is also an individual service. Contact me for details.
  • Blog stats set-up: Unsure of how to set up your blog with various visitor-tracking sites? I’ll help you get started.

Know what you want? Still trying to figure out what you need? Contact me and we’ll discuss it.

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