Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

I’m not going to promise that I can turn your blog into the #1 search result for some keyword or that I can guarantee you hundreds or thousands of search hits a day. I certainly can’t promise that you’ll earn millions with AdSense. But I can help you with search engine and AdSense optimization.

My advice is based on what has worked for my own site, what has worked for my clients, what has worked for other bloggers and designers I talk with, and what I’ve read (at least the parts that fit in with what I know has worked for others).

Controlling AdSense with Who Sees Ads

Want to display AdSense or other ad blocks only in certain situations? Want to keep ads off your newest posts and have larger ads on your old posts but still show ads to all search engine visitors? I can help.

By using the Who Sees Ads plugin by Ozh, I can control just that. Moreover, I can keep ads off specific posts entirely or use a rotator to display several sets of ads. While the WSA plugin is free and anyone can use it, I have a great deal of experience in using it, particularly in handling more complicated situations.

Banning Low-Paying Ads

Currently, I’m not offering long-term assistance with using AdSense’s built-in filter to ban low-paying ads, but if the site I use reopens registration I will update the page. However, I can set you up with a one-time filter list.

Optimizing Your Theme for Better SEO

If you are using Thesis or a number of other premium themes, you may already have excellent overall Search Engine Optimization. But if you’re using a free theme, I may be able to improve certain aspects of the theme in order to improve your SEO. I can also give you tips on structuring your posts to improve your SEO.

I don’t guarantee results, a lot of that comes from consistent use on your part as you write. I am also not the end-all-be-all of SEO (and therefore charge significantly less). But I believe that I will change your site for the better. My clients have reported significant increases in AdSense earnings as well as search engine traffic increases. Contact me to find out what I can do for your site.

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