WordPress Blog Migration Services

What is blog migration? In simple terms, it’s moving your blog from its current location to a new host. Sometimes it’s moving from one blogging platform to another, such as Blogger to WordPress, and other times it’s picking up an entire self-hosted WordPress blog and moving it from one host to another.

I provide services to move your blog from wherever it is to self-hosted WordPress and from moving self-hosted WordPress from one host to another.

Moving WordPress to a New Host

Need to move your self-hosted WordPress blog to a new host? I take care of moving your database and files to a the new location. I can do it with no site downtime and no loss of data. Even people who know their way around their WordPress installations have hired me to get the job done quickly and cleanly. Need to change your domain name or relocate your blog to the root of your domain too? Not a problem! Request a quote below or email me directly at service (at) blogcrafted.com.

Moving To Self-Hosted WordPress

WordPress has its own import function in and instructions for importing from different platforms. Even though these tools should make migration simple, there are many glitches that you can run into while attempting to move your blog.

I have developed a number of methods for overcoming these problems, particularly when importing large databases from Blogger and WordPress.com. You can hire me up front so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any glitches on your own or hire me after a failed import.

Changing Domain Names

Moving your self-hosted WordPress from one domain to another? Not only can I do the site move, I will also create the proper SEO friendly 301 redirects and change the internal linking to match your new domain.

I also offer services to clean up sites imported from using .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com domains. I fix interlinking issues and offer special redirects for Blogger imports (Wordpress.com does not allow the creation of redirects).

Turnaround Time

I’m frequently asked how long this service takes. I always work to get each transfer done as quickly as possible. Most transfers are completed within a day of receiving all of the information I need to begin. Compare that with other migration services that take several days to complete.

Request a Quote Now

Want to migrate your blog now? Need assistance with a transfer gone wrong? Contact me using the form below or email me directly at service (at) blogcrafted.com and I’ll get back to you shortly with a quote! If you haven’t purchased new hosting yet, please be sure to ask about our discounts.


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